Julia Ingram, M.A.


Julia Ingram, MA, is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher, and master regression therapist.

She is author of Born Scared, The Lost Sisterhood, and co-author of the bestselling book, The Messengers.

Her private practice is in Portland, Oregon.


 Click here for a free PDF Download of Julia's article “Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of children and Adults Who Suffer Anxiety Due to Prenatal and Birth Trauma.” published in the Journal of Prenatal Psychology and Health.

Julia celebrates 50 years as a therapist.

Dear Friends,

In the fall of 1968 I graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. I suppose all septuagenarians say this, but, “My, how the time did fly!”  In no small part, the time has flown, because I’ve been one of the lucky ones, and have loved my career. 

Someone asked how I planned to celebrate. A big party?  A gold watch?  Two years ago my very beloved minister of music at the First Unitarian Church of Portland retired after 39 years of building an amazing program. There were 200 of us involved in some aspect of music in this large downtown church, and we took an entire year of celebrating his life and preparing to say good-by. The last month, we had a huge concert, and then a roast. People came from all over. Retired ministers he had served under sang his praises. That’s a celebration of a long career by someone who loved what he did.

Therapists, especially those of us in private practice, don’t get parties, or any form of celebration nor would we ever expect it. Our relationships, though at times exquisitely intimate and loving, and worthy of celebration,  are private.  I’ve worked with thousands of people in my 50 years in practice, but only one, or a few at a time. To all of you who might read this I say Thank You!  Thank you for entrusting your most vulnerable selves into my care. Thanks to those I worked with in my first decade, as I learned from you. Thanks to you who risked journeys outside the rigid box of conventional psychiatry, as we explored the experiences you had. From multiple personalities, to psychic abilities; from alien encounters to Jungian archetypes; the dreams and the nightmares you brought into my office.  I thank you for choosing me to be a part of your healing and your spiritual growth.

It has been an honor.

This might read like a good-bye, but it isn’t. I will likely retire, but for a few years now, it has been “probably next year.”  I’m no longer saying that. I’m saying, “as long as I can still be of service, I will still be in practice.” 

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Born Scared: How Anxiety is Created. By Julia Ingram

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