A farewell message from Julia Ingram, upon retirement, July 1, 2020

-This Website Is Now Closed-

To all my clients, and those who read The Messengers, The Lost Sisterhood, and Born Scared,
I want to say thank you as I enter the next phase of my life—retirement after 53 years as a therapist and writer.  What you have all given me as my companions along the way, has been a rich and full life, and I am deeply grateful.

To those who entered into therapy,  thank you for entrusting your most vulnerable selves into my care. Thanks to those I worked with in my first decade, as I learned from you. Thanks to you who risked journeys outside the rigid box of conventional psychiatry, as we explored the experiences you had. From multiple personalities, to psychic abilities; from alien encounters to Jungian archetypes; the dreams and the nightmares you brought into my office.  I thank you for choosing me to be a part of your healing and your spiritual growth.

And for those who brought me unequivocal evidence of our immortal souls, via your past-life reports, thank you for strengthening my faith, and my hope.

To those who let me know my written words have inspired you, or validated you, or made you think, thank you for letting me know.  It has meant a great deal to have heard from you.
I have a few ideas floating around, and there may be another article, or I daresay, maybe another book?

You can still contact me at juliaingram@mac.com
Much love,