Hypnotherapy – Spiritual Growth – Past-life Regression

About Julia

Julia Ingram, M.A.

Julia Ingram, MA, is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher, and master regression therapist.

"My life purpose is to help people fall in love with themselves."

Julia received her master's degree in counseling psychology from Arizona State University and has been in private practice since 1977. Her clinical experience has ranged from doing therapy in a hospital inpatient psychiatric wing, to founding and managing a large full-service counseling agency. With over forty years of experience which includes extensive training in hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, and regression therapy, she has helped thousands of people glean the greatest benefit from spiritual and emotional struggles.

"I attribute my success in helping people to do deep and lasting work in a short amount of time, to my belief that my client is already a master and just needs help to drop any inner information which disagrees with that. I am confident in my work and my clients feel safe with me as a result. Nothing is too far out or too deeply hidden."

 Julia is the New York Times best-selling co-author of The Messengers, a book about the transformative power of past-life regression and the Author of The Lost Sisterhood: The Return of Mary Magdalene, the Mother Mary, and other Holy Women.

Specializing in:

  1. Trauma resolution
  2. Mood disorders: anxiety and depression
  3. Personal and spiritual growth
  4. Clarification of life path/ purpose
  5. Past-life and Present-life Regression Therapy

Private Sessions are available in her Portland office.