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Julia Ingram, M.A.

Julia Ingram, MA, is an internationally acclaimed author, teacher, and master regression therapist.

She received her master’s degree in counseling psychology from Arizona State University and has been in private practice since 1977.

Her clinical experience has ranged from doing therapy in a hospital inpatient psychiatric wing, to founding and managing a large full-service counseling agency.

With over fifty years of experience, which includes extensive training in hypnotherapy, transpersonal counseling and regression therapy, she has helped thousands of people glean the greatest benefit from spiritual and emotional struggles.

“I attribute my success in helping people to do deep and lasting work in a short amount of time, to my belief that my client is already a master and just needs help to drop any inner information which disagrees with that. I am confident in my work and my clients feel safe with me as a result. Nothing is too far out or too deeply hidden.”

In 1989 Oregon began to offer licensing to those of us in the counseling profession. I was among the first group to become a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), after having my education and experience verified, and passing the national examination.  I was also grandfathered in as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).  I kept those licenses active with ongoing continuing education and payment, even after I moved to Arizona in 1997. At the time Arizona did not require any type of license and since I could retain the Oregon license, I did so.

In the early 2000s Arizona began the process of licensing, but would not allow the transfer of licenses from other states, so I notified Oregon that I would let my licenses go.  As life will have it, in 2005, I decided to move back to Oregon. I contacted the Oregon Board and asked about reinstating my licenses, but was told it was too late, and that I would have to start the process over, including returning to graduate school to take classes that were not offered when I got my masters degree.  I did not want to return to school at the age of 65, so I made the decision to shift my practice to hypnotherapy, a profession that does not require a license. I was trained in hypnosis, so that was an honest shift.  My clients could get the benefit of my years of experiences as a therapist and I could work without the new expense of student loans!!

Here’s my point.  There exists some confusion about what a hypnotherapist is in Oregon, because one can get very little training,  even some over the internet, and call oneself a hypnotherapist.

Those folks are trained and some are trained well, to help with habit changes like smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence building, etc. But most are not trained to deal with serious issues, and should not be doing so. There are also those who, like me hold advanced degrees who have added hypnosis to their array of skills.

What you get with me is someone trained to work with a large range of issues, with years of experience, and who also uses the amazing tool of hypnosis.

Julia is the New York Times best-selling co-author of The Messengers, a book about the transformative power of past-life regression and the Author of The Lost Sisterhood: The Return of Mary Magdalene, the Mother Mary, and other Holy Women and Born Scared, a book about the sources of early fears, such as those created in the womb, at birth, or in prior lifetimes.

Specializing in assisting clients to:

1. Face and resolve chronic fears
2. Change negative thinking and feeling into the positive and hopeful
3. Personal and spiritual growth
4. Clarification of life path/purpose
5.  Past-life and Present-life regressions.

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Born Scared

Born Scared: How Anxiety is Created. By Julia Ingram

Julia's latest book, Born Scared is now out and available in print and Kindle at Amazon.com and for the Nook at Barnes and Noble.

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