How Past Lives Affect Destiny

by Julia Ingram

 Often people who schedule a past-life regression want to know if they are fulfilling their destiny. Sometimes they are concerned about whether they are “doing God’s will” or following his plan for them. Whether you believe God makes assignments or you decide yourself what purpose a certain lifetime will have, being consciously aware of it helps you focus your time and energy.

Many of us go through life without a strong sense of purpose, saying yes to certain opportunities, experiences, and people and no to others and somehow a life is fashioned. Rich and satisfying lives certainly have been shaped this way.

A few people have such a strong sense of purpose that they are driven by it from a very young age. We see this kind of drive in artists who say they must paint or scientists who asked how things worked as soon as they could talk. Some reveal a combination of those two traits—living life without a strong sense of destiny, until some person or event kicks them into high gear.

How do you know if you are fulfilling your destiny? Look at your life. Are you engaged in your own life? Do you have passion for your work, hobbies, and the people in your life?” If you answer yes, then you know you are on the right track. If you answer no, it’s time to have a look at where your energy is going. Regression is one way to reveal one’s pre-birth decisions about lessons to learn or things to accomplish.

A client from the Far East was troubled by the feeling that he was not doing enough for the world. In fact, he was certain he was supposed to be changing the world in some significant way. In regression he reported two lifetimes of having been a missionary. In one he was ambitious. His goal to convert millions. He died frustrated and unfulfilled even though by all accounts he had been successful—many churches and schools today bear the priest’s name. In the other life, he reported that he only converted one person. They were killed together because of their beliefs and in that moment of death they became as one. My client wept in wonder. In that moment he was fulfilled. In comparing those two lifetimes he realized that his destiny—his life work today, was to bring love and oneness to his close personal relationships.

Another had, for many lifetimes, been curious about the connection between body, mind and spirit, beginning in Ancient Greece. By the end of the second session she saw her consciousness evolving. She said, “We don’t need the Oracle anymore… our True Self is taking its place.” Through the technique of “Progression” she was able to see her probable future—working with a group of other scientists. The week after she returned home I heard from her that she’d joined a group of scientists working on the connection between health and dreaming.

A woman who was born to parents rightfully called “mad scientists” suffered unbelievable emotional, spiritual, sexual, and physical abuse by them. She had struggled for years with a variety of mental and physical illnesses. Through a series of past-life regressions she saw a pattern of lifetimes in which she was either a victim or a perpetrator. As she healed from the present-life abuse, she was able to see the bigger picture of her soul life. She said, “As I come through this black hell that has been my lives, I can fully embrace the light. Now I can be the healer I have wanted to be for lifetimes.”

I have worked with powerful souls like this woman who were born into horrible abuse and neglect. Now while I argue with anyone who says there are no victims, these people do have the potential to become powerful as a result of very rough beginnings—and some have said they chose their parents for the lessons of strength through adversity, compassion through experience.

Synchronistic events may reveal one’s destiny or at least provide clues. One client judiciously followed his clues: an encounter on a airplane which introduced him to a book; what he is doing or thinking about prior to seeing 444 or 11:11; news articles which catch his eye; the people who come into his life—these and many more are helping him clarify his current and very intriguing “mission.”

No matter how fuzzy or clear you are about your own destiny, life path, or mission, you are likely very close. Your soul wants it and your guides and angels are helping you every step of the way. It’s your job to pay attention. And the more you take the clues seriously, the more information you will get, until there is no more doubt.

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