Love and Hate at First Sight

by Julia Ingram 

The powerful emotions of love and hate can spill over from one lifetime to another. Take the case of two people who met at a party and within one hour felt that they needed to divorce their respective spouses in order to be together. They came to me to learn of their past-life connection because they were sure they were soul mates. I worked with them separately to see if they were responding to the same memories and sure enough they were. They both reported living during the Revolutionary War—one had been a young male soldier, wounded and left unnoticed in a field. The other had been a young female Indian who discovered him, took him home and nursed him back to health. They became lovers. Theirs was a dramatic and highly emotional love story complete with betrayal, when he left her to return to his white fiancé. In the end, he came back to her and as she was dying they pledged to each other that they would be together again… forever!

“Oh, oh,” I said.”They set you up in a way.” I explained that pledges made in other lifetimes, especially at death can seem like contracts that must be kept. But I pointed out that it was not so. Those emotions and promises belonged in the 1700s, not in the late 1900s. I suggested they internally help that tragic couple resolve what was between them with words of regret and forgiveness and break the pledge.

Understanding where the powerful feelings of familiarity and love came from and the strong impulse they had to be together, allowed them to realize that it didn’t belong in their present lives. They embraced and said good-by, both expressing relief that they hadn’t hurt their present life partners and children in an impulsive move.

Immediate feelings of love and affection towards a stranger often indicates a past life love. They same thing goes for immediate animosity. Strong feelings towards a stranger is a clue as to a possible past life origin. If there is an impulse to act upon those feelings, it is advisable to learn where they originated. The more you know about the feelings, the more in charge you are of your life.

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