The Fear of  Being a Healer: Burned as a Witch

by Julia Ingram

“I’m in a dark place…a cell. It’s cold and damp and I’m very, very afraid,” my regression client reports.

“Do you know why you are here?” I ask.

“No. They say I’m a witch.” She sobs and shakes her head back and forth. “I’m going to be burned at dawn.”

I quickly suggest that she move away from her body and observe the rest of the story from a distance. She understands and changes her point of view to that of an observer. She was a midwife and an herbalist and had attended a stillborn birth. The father blamed her for the tragedy and then accused her of being a witch. I asked her to skip past that horrible death and once out of that body to tell me what her last thoughts were.

“Never again! Never again will I be a healer.”

“Because?…” I prompted.

“It got me killed.”

It got me killed. I have heard this very statement dozens of times. It—her ability to heal with herbs, her ability to see, her ability to assist at births, was blamed for the terror and cruelty towards her. This woman today wanted to be a healer. In fact, she was born with keen psychic ability and had been told she had powerful healing hands. But, she was afraid to admit to herself that she was a born healer. She fought against her desire to apply to a naturopathic college. Now she knew why. It had killed her, or so she had wrongly surmised.

I said, “Your ability to heal was not the reason you died a cruel death. It was the ignorance and fear of the people that caused them to turn against you. Blame the culture and the times, not your abilities. You know… the witches are back and they are powerful.”

My client laughed. “I guess I could call myself a good witch. I do feel that there something beyond this world that assists me when I work. Good magic, Angel magic.”

The decisions or declarations we make at the time of death set the stage for future incarnations. My client made a decision that held her back in her current life. She said I will never. This woman freed herself of her own past-life decision to never again be a healer. She is now enrolled at a naturopathic college in the Northwest and I am confident that she will be a powerful healer.

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