Why Me, Why Now? Spiritual Evolution and the Holy Family Archetypes

by Julia Ingram

For over 25 years, I have been working with clients, hundreds of them, who relate to people from the time of Christ. They discovered their connection in diverse ways—some say they “just knew it” from a very young age; others through past-life regression, flashes of insight while reading about those times, or from having been told this by a psychic or medium. Some firmly believe they are the reincarnated spirit of that person from the past. Others are less literal. One of my clients refers to herself as an aspect of Mary Magdalene. Others say they embody the soul of Peter, or of Jesus, or Mother Mary. While still others consider they have tapped into an archetypal consciousness, such as one who relates to Martha, “the long suffering, hard working woman,” or struggles with the guilt of Judas.

Some people react to this revelation with excitement, others with confusion. Some strongly identify with that persona (sometimes to an unhealthy degree), some fear they will be considered delusional, while others see this as an opportunity to grow spiritually.

When people who identify with what I’ve come to call The Holy Family Archetype come to me for assistance, I feel honored and humbled. There is something very important going on, and I feel called to help them understand their part and to align with those who want to grow spiritually. If you are one of the family this article is for you.

For many of you, it began with a reading of  The Messengers, or The Lost Sisterhood. I’ve heard mystical stories of how those books came into your hands, and how personal the stories felt to you. You may have had a vague stirring that you had been there, but often a huge inner file seemed to open, and you felt compelled to learn more. In the beginning you may have felt quite alone, not sure who you could talk to, not sure you were in your right mind.

What I’ve seen over these last three decades is that some of you have grown spiritually by asking yourself and spirit two important questions: “Why is this happening to so many people right now, and why me?” I have asked those questions myself, and this is what I have come to believe through my own personal experience, from working with hundreds of people, and from communication with my Spirit Guides.

We have all chosen to be alive right now, right here, for one very specific reason. Humans are at an evolutionary crossroads. We, as souls, have been at crossroads before, and we will be again in future incarnations, but never before in history has there been such an opportunity to consciously choose a higher path.

My guides wrote: “Each person who has been drawn to read The Messengers, The Lost Sisterhood, and other books such as these, and those individuals who feel a strong affinity or connection to the Holy Family Archetypes, has a responsibility—a responsibility that they agreed to, no, more than agreed to, ASKED FOR. And that is to do their part to heal the ancient wounds or limiting beliefs as they show up in their individual psyches today and then after that healing, to strive to live the highest expression of the god/ goddess self as they can.”

What do they mean by “heal the archetypal wounds?” Each character in the past experienced a wound, or had a deeply held belief that has created a sickness of the soul. That injury or belief has carried over into the present and shows up in both subtle and dramatic ways today. Let’s use Mary Magdalene as an example because she is the soul that has spread herself among dozens and dozens of people today. Her major core wounds were abandonment by her husband, and having a great deal to say, and no way to say it. After all, according to the Gnostic Gospels, she was designated by Jeshua to be his successor, but the male disciples refused to recognize her authority. Almost every embodiment of Mary Magdalene I’ve worked with has had relationship issues, either seeking an idealized mate, or having a range of abandonment fears, and of being undervalued. She is also likely writing, often it is a book, at least articles, messages or a blog.

If this modern woman does her work, she will identify and heal the Magdalene wounds of the past and the present via regression therapy, mindfulness, or other means, and find a way to express her opinions and beliefs. She will put herself in an environment where she is taken seriously, and have satisfying relationships with people whom she considers equals.

Some wounds or limiting beliefs are easy to identify because of the ancient stories: Peter’s fear of betraying a friend, or putting his safety before loyalty; Martha’s resentment that she gets stuck with the work, while others enjoy more freedom; Paul’s throwing the spiritual movement out of balance, when he eliminated women as teachers, are just a few examples. Some are stories discovered by clients, but not known through ancient writings such as that of Ruth, eldest sister of Lazarus. She believed that you have to chose between family and spiritual calling…you have to sacrifice one to have the other.

What are the wounds you need to pay attention to? Begin by noticing what part of the ancient story you are re-enacting. An extended family group all of whom reported past-life Holy Family memories, (including Mary, the mother; Mary Magdalene; Jeshua; Joseph, father of Jeshua; and other less known characters), came to recognize they were re-enacting ancient patterns. The one who identified with Jeshua was charismatic and a natural healer, but he was also self-absorbed and oblivious to the pain he sometimes caused his family. The Mother Mary, who was a teenager in present-time, felt she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, and worried about everyone. The spark of Mary Magdalene struggled with “mattering” and being heard and taken seriously. You get the idea. This family identified the re-enacted patterns, and set out to heal the old wounds, destroy the old patterns and evolve consciously. They are doing well.

Of course, each character from the past also had gifts which were being further developed in this lifetime as the healing took place. This family group continues to support each other as those gifts are revealed, developed, and shared.

What can healing look like? Meet Annette Ragatz of Eugene, Oregon.

She was told by a spiritual intuitive and later confirmed it via regression that she was an aspect of Ruth, the elder sister in the family of Lazarus, Mary (Magdalene) and Martha.

I learned about the Ruth from two thousand years ago, when I met the great Ruth Montgomery in Naples, Florida, in 1997. She invited me to work with her and her circle of friends, all of whom identified with The Holy Family. Mrs. Montgomery wrote of her past-life when she was also named Ruth in her 1974 book, Companions Along The Way. It was because of my intimate knowledge of that story, that Annette’s regression had so much meaning. Her information was very consistent with Mrs. Montgomery’s. It should be stated that Annette had not heard of Ruth even though a student of the Bible (Ruth isn’t in the New Testament) , nor had she heard of Ruth Montgomery.

Here’s Annette’s story in her own words as she compares her present incarnation to her past. “Like Ruth of old, and the late Ruth Montgomery, we tried to be meek and submissive, but it was not in the nature of Ruth, then or ever, to be submissive. We share a love of adventure and travel, interest in learning and teaching, energy and vision. We have a motivating dissatisfaction with the way things are in the world, impatience and quickness to make decisions and taking the lead in making decisions.

Ancient Ruth’s and my own early sorrow were undoubtedly an important part of our character. My mother passed on when I was fourteen after a two year battle with cancer. Ruth’s mother also died when she was about my age. (”Our” mother was the same mother in both lifetimes.) During my mother’s illness I was introduced by my grandparents to a metaphysical church that practiced healing such as in Jesus’ time. Although raised Episcopalian, I immediately became a devoted follower of this new religion because I wanted desperately to heal my mother.

I spent many hours each day between the ages of twelve and fourteen trying to heal her with my understanding of God and the faith in healing I’d been taught. When she died I felt incredibly guilty that I had not known enough to heal her and I became determined to learn how Jesus healed the sick. Much like Ruth, being a healer became my lifeline to sanity, until at age forty-four when I had a monumental crisis of faith because of my inability to heal a close family member…once again. I was propelled into the dark night of the soul and left the church that I’d been a devoted member of for thirty years. I needed to find out who I was, and what my purpose was without any outside locus of control.

For several years I wallowed around in the desert of my mind searching for something I could not name or define. Ruth fled into the desert abandoning husband and children for first she had to love herself in order to see her love for others. Like Ruth, my relationship with my husband was strained to the breaking point because he was angered with me for my self-seeking and what he perceived as abandoning the family, although I continued to take care of their daily needs rather than flee. Ruth and I felt utterly alone, unloved, and unlovable until we could find ourselves and navigate our own path back to wholeness again.

Both then and now I always felt there was a greater mission and purpose, but I did not realize that what I had never learned to do was to take care of myself. I was always trying to control other people, especially my family members, and to prevent situations that were clearly out of my control. I was determined to never feel as helpless and powerless again as I had when my mother died. I came to understand that my well meaning efforts at preventing pain and the natural occurrences of life had been part of the problem that kept me from climbing out of my grave of self doubt and self-pity. I sought relief of my own suffering by trying to fix and heal other people. I had to learn how to accept pain and sorrow as part of life, and I did that through getting a degree in counseling psychology, attending Al-Anon, and rescuing my precious inner child. I found hope and peace. Ruth and I both learned that our mission in life also included returning to our families and caring for our husband and children.

Today I have become the mother archetype I have always longed for, not only for myself, but especially for my children and others in need of a mother. As the guides told Ruth so long ago, ‘let us then point out some of the qualities you would be wise to develop in the remainder of this lifetime: gentleness and soft answers, determination to aid those who are less fortunate than self, willingness to put yourself out for others, tenderness toward all who suffer or are heavy-laden, patience, and above all an abiding love for the God part in all who cross your path.’   -A.R.

I’m grateful to Annette for sharing her healing story. Please remember— She not only healed her own life, she also reached back in time to heal Ruth of old. Her work, her growth, and her wisdom has spread through the collective soul, and she has raised up all those who embody Ruth. She has helped us all consciously evolve as human beings.

Where are you along your own evolutionary path?



Montgomery, Ruth, Companions Along The Way, Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc., NY, 1974.

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