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Born Scared : When Anxiety was Created in the Womb, at Birth,
or in Prior Lifetimes, and How Finding the Cause Leads to the Cure

Born Scared: How Anxiety is Created. By Julia Ingram

Julia’s latest book, Born Scared is now out and available in print and Kindle at Amazon.com and for the Nook at Barnes and Noble

For those who feel as if they came into this world afraid, or whose child is fearful for no discernible reason and ask, “Why do I have this? Why is it happening to me or my child?” Born Scared provides answers. Through the use of fascinating case stories, hypnotherapist, Julia Ingram, demonstrates that when clients are prompted to go to the source of their fear, they find when and under what circumstances it was created. From there the path to recovery becomes evident and easy.

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The Lost Sisterhood:
The Return of Mary Magdalene,
the Mother Mary, and Other Holy Women.

The Lost Sisterhood is available at Amazon.com
Click Here To purchase Paperback edition $15.00
[Julia  has self-published The Lost Sisterhood through Amazon.
Unfortunately the files were old and the paperback isn’t the highest quality, but it’s all there.]

From the back cover:
Near the end of the millennium, Julia Ingram’s spirit guides prompted her to close her busy therapy practice, put all of her belongings in storage and hit the road – destination unknown. During a Spirit-led year of exploring the United States, Ingram met dozens of people who identified themselves as reincarnated Essenes from the time of Jeshua (Jesus).

Most astonishing were meetings with women who – through past-life regressions – discovered they had been Jesus’ relatives, friends, teachers, and lovers. These remarkable encounters convinced the author that the perspective of women was missing from most accounts of Jesus’ mission, that Mary Magdalene’s considerable role as a priestess/apostle had been vastly underrated, and that Mother Mary was a teacher and healer who sought to overcome the fundamentalism of the male-dominated Hebrew religion.

These fifteen visionaries announce that the Sisterhood is back today to restore the Divine Feminine to her rightful place and to bring desperately needed balance to our world. In the sequel to The Messengers, Ingram presents a revisioning of a religious past that will help shape our spiritual future.

Praise from Pulitzer Prize Nominee Beth Witrogen McLeod:
“The sacred feminine is being called forth. Julia Ingram has journeyed far and wide to bring us a work that has the power to transform lives. The necessary leap in our evolution of consciousness demands that we manifest the divine feminine principle if balance is to be restored before it is too late.”

The Messengers

The Messengers

The original version of  The Messengers is now out of print and only available on-demand from Simon & Schuster, or as used copies. Mr. Bunick, the subject of The Messengers, has released a new version of the book without my or my co-author, Gary Hardin’s agreement.


NEW! Help Yourself Overcome Anxiety
and Fear Through Self-Hypnosis

Help Yourself Overcome Anxiety and Fear Through Self-Hypnosis


Purchase CD at Amazon Here  Or You can purchase it in Portland
Here: New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR 97210

List Price: $14.95
60 minutes, 8 tracks
Sibylline Press
UPC: 887936555473

“An excellent tool to shift from a state of anxiety to relaxation. I will share this with my kids, 11 and 16 years old”


“I found Julia’s voice, the music, information, exercises, and tone of Help Yourself to be very professional, relaxing and effective.”


” Instructive. I learned about fears stemming from intensity/repetition, that worry is not a good motivator, and how generalized anxiety is about a loss of trust. Excellent for those with mild to moderate anxiety.”


Hypnotherapist Julia Ingram gently guides the listener through her 3-step process to overcoming anxiety and fears: 1)find the source of the problem, 2)recognize the limiting beliefs that were created then, 3) change the beliefs through the power of imagination. She has helped thousands of people transcend anxiety and fear using this process. In this recording, she teaches you to use those same techniques to master self-hypnosis and to help yourself.

While this recording is not intended to diagnose or treat anxiety, it can give you tools to help you manage your thoughts and feelings, train your brain to respond differently to stress, and have a more positive outlook. It is suitable for those with mild to moderate anxiety, and a variety of fears and phobias. It is also designed to be appropriate for ages ten and older.

Should any of the exercises trigger a strong response, consider that it might be a positive move in the right direction—uncovering a source of anxiety for you. Try to stick with the exercise. However, if your symptoms get worse, stop listening and seek professional help.

The final lesson regarding phobias contains a brief guided past-life regression. The form used is called a “snapshot regression,” and consists of two scenes only—the first to orient you to the time, place and person you were—and the second is the trauma you suffered which created the phobia.

The concept of “Worry Bully” comes from “What to do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s guide to Overcoming Anxiety”, by Dawn Huebner and Bonnie Matthews, Magination Press, 2005

Original music by Jason T. Ingram

Recorded and produced in Portland, Oregon by Sunday Driver Productions