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Common Questions Regarding Hypnosis

Q. I have been afraid to try hypnosis because it seems like mind control. Is it safe?

A. Clinical hypnosis with a qualified professional is gentle and respectful. You decide the agenda and the therapist follows that agenda. In light to medium hypnosis, you are aware at all times, and nothing occurs without your agreement.

Q. I’m afraid I will remember something horrible. What would be the point of that???

A. You are affected by past negative experience whether it is conscious or not, so it is highly desirable to bring it into awareness in a time and place where it is safe to do so. Your high-self-mind (inner wisdom) knows when it is time and you are ready to face unpleasant or even traumatic memories. When this happens, Julia will help you deal with the memories and resolve the trauma for good.

Q. I have tried to be hypnotized but it didn’t work. Is there hope for me?

A. Yes, there is hope for everyone. We are all in and out of hypnotic trances naturally all day long.  However, some people are easier to formally hypnotize than others. Some people are afraid to be vulnerable (for good reason), or they resist authority (also for good reason). Others don’t visualize easily and might think they are not hypnotized because they can’t “see.” Julia starts where you are and works with you until you are successful, usually in the first session.

Q. What is the average number of sessions people work with Julia?

A. It depends upon your goals and the severity of your problems. A great deal is accomplished in the initial session. Some types of  pain, loss, or entrenched patterns will need several weeks or even months to resolve. Following your first session, Julia will be able to give you an estimate of time needed and the bones of a treatment plan.

Q. I’ve heard that people who are interested in past lives want to have been someone famous like Cleopatra or royalty or a great artist.

A. Thank you for the question because that is a puzzling myth which is often repeated. Just the opposite is true. Most people worry that something like that could happen to them and be judged as self-centered or grandiose. The fact is, all those people have had further incarnations and therefore those souls are around, and sometimes prominent past lives are accessed. It is always beneficial when that occurs. However, Julia has never had a visit from Cleopatra, nor have any of her colleagues who have compared notes with her.
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