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Hypnosis is a simple but powerful tool which allows you to bypass the logical, judgmental mind and focus on the “wants, needs, and beliefs” buried deep in your subconscious mind. Every problem has a solution and for those that are the result of past pain or limiting beliefs, hypnosis can help you discover the root of the problem as well as the solution. In the receptive frame of mind created during hypnosis, changes are deep and lasting. The type of hypnosis Julia practices she calls “collaborative,” which means you and she are working as a team to find solutions, rather than “prescriptive or directive” hypnosis”the type used by clinics which specialize in smoking cessation” where the client passively receives instructions.

Spiritual Growth

There is a deep yearning in people for spiritual connection. Without it, we feel alone and adrift in the world. Often the roots of sadness, fear, and physical illness are a sickness of spirit. During a session, you are guided to the causes of your spiritual disconnection and then helped to discover the path of reconnection to the divine within you. Strengthening ties between you and your spiritual source will help you find meaning and remain true to your purpose in this lifetime.

Past Life Regression

Past-Life Regression under hypnosis is a powerful tool for emotional and spiritual exploration and growth. It can reverse negative life patterns such as poor relationship choices, limiting beliefs, irrational fears, blocked creativity, addictions, and health problems. Contrary to certain old philosophies, you were not born a blank slate. Most of us came into this world loaded with old, old baggage. Regression therapy helps you unpack!

Private Sessions

*NOTE As of March 18th, please refer to the home page for details on the changes due to the Coronavirus. Check back mid April for online options for current and new clients.

Julia is available for private sessions in her Portland, Oregon office, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am-6 pm. When you call to inquire about an appointment she will ask you questions about your reason for the call and your goals for the work, in order to determine if she feels hypnotherapy could be helpful for you. Hypnotherapy is efficient, and clients often see quick results, but if you have long standing, chronic problems, you should be prepared to work with her for several weeks, if not months.


Fees are due at the time of appointment by cash, check or major credit card

Private hypnotherapy sessions-       $120 per hour
Initial appointments are 2-hours-       $240
Initial appointments for children seven to eighteen, are 90 minutes- $190
Past-Life Regression as a one-time two-hour appointment- $250
Note: If after the regression you wish to do ongoing work, it will be at the same rate as hypnotherapy-  $120

Sorry, but we do not take insurance nor do we offer a sliding scale.

Cancellation policy

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, three business days (72 hours) notice is required for two-hour and  ninety-minute appointments, and two days (48 hours) for a one-hour appointment, If less notice is given, full fee will be charged and payable at your next appointment, except in the case of a true emergency.

Schedule changes need to be made by voice mail or text, NOT email, please. 503-936-0134.

Outside the Portland area?  If you are coming from a distance more than 100 miles from Portland, when you make your appointment you will be asked to supply a credit or debit card to secure it. Your card will not be charged until your appointment, and then only if you want to pay by card. Should you fail to keep that appointment, or give us less than three working days to cancel, your card will be charged, unless the cancellation is due to a true emergency. Why? It is a curious thing, but the highest rate of last-minute cancellations is from those coming from more than 100 miles from Portland.

Born Scared

Born Scared: How Anxiety is Created. By Julia Ingram

Julia's latest book, Born Scared is now out and available in print and Kindle at Amazon.com and for the Nook at Barnes and Noble.

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